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Ready to learn my Secrets?

Those secrets I mentioned? Yeah, I got some but guess what?

So do you! Oh to the joys of being human. Do me a favor though, if I do spill my secrets and you just so happen to share them... because even the best vaults and locks can be cracked, just make me out to be cooler and a heck of a lot more awesome then I really am. 

So here's the deal. I give you all the dirt, the nitty and gritty about what it's like to live in this wacky life at this point in time and in exchange, you all spread the word that I'm basically a superhero living in a short nerdy body. Okay? Great thanks for selling your soul to me, tastes delicious. Joking, kind of, maybe not, guess we'll see.

But really, I know you want to know about me. I mean you have two options for landing on the page, you either clicked it purposefully or completely by accident and in which case I have swallowed you into the rabbit hole and there is next to no saving you from this wacky journey. Buckle up and hang on for the ride!

I'm Forrest and just to clarify: yes that is my first and real name since birth, I was born before Forrest Gump was filmed, my parents are not hippies in any way and while I do have a brother, no his name is not Rain. Oh, and yes, I love my name and have no plans on changing. Even though I get asked the weirdest questions and rarely does someone have an original "forrest" related joke to make; this is my name and I love that it uniquely fits me and can't picture living any other way.

I am five foot one and a half inches, yes that half counts and yes I do have that line rehearsed. I am proud to be a 90's baby but occasionally maddened by the lack of manners and responsibility other somewhat functioning adults my age are acting. I'm not saying everyone needs to have their shit together, lord knows I don't, but come on! Whatever happened to common sense? Seriously, I really want to know what makes it so less common these days and why the earth has been flooded with soo many stupid idiots. For anyone who happens to know me, yes I am aware that I sound just like my father. Shout out to Dad, who doesn't read blogs, I know where my genes came from and I do blame you for making me this amazing.

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Meet the Etsy Team!

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Etsy Family

Tanya Desberasts

Tanya is our first artist to join the Sincerely Me Today family in our newest adventure as an Etsy Shop! We happily welcome her to the team, she is not only one of my best friends but a wonderful person to share in this collaboration.

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