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Want to Wonderland Ride with Me?

Tis the season of tidings greetings, where snow falls and bells jingle. Be present with the holiday cheer!

During this holiday season, I'm finding it tougher then previous years. Yes, I have always had a rough time around the holidays but it's safe to say that this pandemic madness is a whole different game.

It's making our usual celebrations not only more creative, to adhere to the Covid standards and staying safe, but it highlights just how much we need to celebrate what we can when we can. I have planned baking days with both my partners family and my family, separate weekends and while lots of handwashing in mind but its the keeping of those traditions during this wacky time that makes those small moments all the worth while.

Take that wonderland ride when you can, spend time with family, face time/video call them if need. There is nothing more important than being near loved ones, grasping onto what makes this season so festive. It's not the gifts or baking but the moments you make along the way.

Want to Wonderland Ride with Me?


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