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Traditions with a Pinch of Creativity

Traditions are the best, they bring people together and create new memories.

This year has proven to test our wills and bonds, on various levels we've all been put down and mentally in the dump. I can only bring hope that none of my loved ones have been sick with Covid while others have not have been as lucky. I wish those ailed all the best and speedy recoveries.

We've been through various lockdowns, stuck in quarantine, meant to keep distance, and barely seeing those who are outside our bubbles. For me, it been different levels of rough playing on with my mental health and a job change at the beginning of 2020 prior to the beginning of changes in Ottawa due to the virus. It's kept me from my family whose an hour away and not in my bubble (while those wear still a thing). It's kept me from seeing my besties, my confidants for our girls' nights. Its crazy things to think about, all the things that I miss in the effort to stay home and stay safe; I understand and support the reasoning behind keeping safe and have been doing my part but it still sucks to be missing out on the things we all look forward to keeping our spirits up and stay motivated.

Something that I wasn't aware would truly bother me is missing out on traditions. Like seeing my parents for Easter dinner or visiting my partner's family for their birthdays, and so many occasions that I didn't know I wanted until I couldn't be with them. Sure, the art of Zoom and facetime has helped to bridge the distance so you can still see loved ones (virtually at least) but it isn't the same as a hug.

I've been tried and tested on my creativity, or lack thereof, to "see" loved ones - how have you coped with the distance during these family and friend-oriented holidays?


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