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My Top 10 Binge-Tastic TV Series

Everyone at some point in there lives has binged, at least once. Although if you're saying it's only happened once and by accident, I'd be inclined to shout liar at you. Binge, while sometimes followed by rude connotations, is blissful; the the beginning of an escape from reality and there is always reasons for wanting that to happen.

For those of you who have always sold your soul to some of the best series to every grace television, I truly hope you understand my references. Bare in mind, I'm a 90's child and not always on top of the current slang the kids are using.

"I love hanging out with friends and family, going to the beach or just being a couch potato and binge watching TV shows or watching a good movie." Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer

Follow me on this epic journey for magic, wonder and the creme de la creme of Binge-Tastic television series!

1. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The star is Will Smith, need I say more?

But really, this is quite honestly one of the best series ever. I started watching this along with my family when I was just a child barely able to contain my excitement the moment the Fresh Prince theme song started over the television. I can vividly hear my dad retelling the story about how I couldn't stop dancing the moment I heard the song play, I would even sing along and I'm sure this all started around the phase that I couldn't keep my clothes on too.(side note: did you know that;s a popular phase with kids? My dad likes to dig that embarrassing story out from time to time. Extra side note: I do not have that uncontrollable issue now.). Although my dance moves are still influenced by Alfonso Ribeiro, my lack of rhythm is strong.

2. Charmed

First things first, I am not talking about the newest upheaval of Charmed (please note that I have not seen anything but the trailers for the newest addition to the Charmed legacy, to which I am not excited to see how they are changing literally everything but the name of a classic). My addiction is to the classic Charmed that aired from 1998-2006 with great talents such as Holly Marie Combs and Brian Krause, who by the by are still my dream couple of all time on screen.

Charmed is everything you will ever need in a show because they hit all the right boxes. Three Halliwell sisters are next in a long line of descendant female witches, what sets them apart from their lineage is the tree sisters form The Power of Three, combined they are unstoppable. With a strong female protagonist, great dynamics and storytelling, laughter, action and drama - what more could you want from them? The answer is simple, more seasons!

3. The Office (US)

Now this is rough to start, I personally couldn't get myself to watch this show, every time I tried, I could not stop cringing and had to stop. It wasn't until my boyfriend literally picked which episodes of the first two seasons for us to watch was I able to get into it, once The Office kicked into the third season I was sucked in! I've heard from lots of other people that they have gone through the same struggle as me, unable to really make it through a season because yes, the first two are cringy as hell but please trust me when I say, they hit their groove and it is most definitely worth the hilarious watch.

With actors of likes of Rainn Wilson, Steve Carell, John Krasinski and Jenna Fisher, the dynamic four of the series, it is so hard to stop watching and once you make it to the end, all you want to do it watch it all over again. Who knew that watching the lives of everyone affiliated to the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company would be so live changing.

4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Anyone who dares to tell me that they didn't like watching Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy the Vampire Slayer clearly isn't human. With an amazing cast, great story lines and epic adventures, this coming of age saga is legendary. Even twenty years later, I find immense joy in re-watching this series because behind the drama filled battles against the dark world of mystical creatures that dare reek havoc on Sunnydale, the main characters accurately portray the ups and downs of navigating not only high school as a different (not socially normal teenager) but also figuring out your place in the world as an adult.

Needless to say this is the OG of all binges, before such a term even existed, we always found a reason to marathon Buffy with as many seasons we could stream if we didn't already own them all on DVD. It will never matter how old I am or how long ago this shows first debuted, this is the dream binge and I will cherish it every second, even as I watch it for the trillionth time,

"In every generation there is a chosen one... she alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the slayer." Rupert Giles

5. Queer Eye

There's something about watching people helping other people and at its core, that is truly what the Fab Five on Queer Eye are trying to do. of course I am insanely jealous that I can't be nominated, as I don't live in the US but I sure can dream.

A a collective, they sure their gifts and personal experiences on style, grooming, decor, diet and cultural pursuits to aid those that have been nominated for not just a "makeover" but a life changing experience. Bobby, Johnathan, Tan, Karamo and Antoni are forces to be reckoned with because they will not quit until those around them step up and be their truest selves, loving themselves from the inside out.

6. Community

While our hearts are still dying for a lack of movie to be made, there is no denying that the 6 seasons are pure magic. Dan Harmon's unique comedy did have its ups and downs but honestly, that only made the views (totally myself) fall more madly in love with this dysfunctional and dynamic group of misfits. The main cast shows such diversity in not only the caliber of actors but also in how eclectic real life truly is and I firmly believe that this representation (while overly dramatic at times) isn't that far off from realistic interpretations of new bonding relationships at critical times in ones life.

Sure the general idea of a former lawyer attending community college because he faked his degree is not nearly as far-fetched as we'd like it to be, his attempt to get further by using his fellow Spanish class student, which inadvertently turns into a weird study group and soon to be a major group of misfits turned family, is nothing short of hilarious. If you haven't already, watch it on repeat, you will not be sorry you got sucked in for 6 seasons of wild wonder and humor.

7, 7,7,7! Friends!

Could that be any more obvious! For those you who doesn't get my chandler-isms, please watch the show and get up-to*date on the best jokes ever name.But honestly, I'm going to keep this short and sweet because Friends really doesn't need much convincing, if you happened to not love it then you're just not human. For the rest of humanity, clearly you loved this show, so please help me in educating the younger generations who didn't grow up with this joyous cast on repeat for years on end (thanks mom, I think you helped me with one of my first addictions).

Following the lives of six friends living in Manhattan in the mid 90's is pure gold, not only are they giving you nostalgic feels but truly showcasing the power of friends turned family before the wave of technology came around to complicate things.These intertwining relationship are life goals, I know that I can die happy knowing that I have found the Rachel to my Monica, the ever nerd-tastic Dino Ross, the Joey to my Chandler and the truly eccentric Phoebe, because she knows that even I don't have a PLA yet either.


I will start by saying, my addiction to GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wresting) really came as a surprise. I was in the state we can all relate too, I had just finished my latest binge and needed a new show to fuel my boredom and as a Netflix original, I had some hope that it had to be entertaining so I figured, let's get it a chance. I was sold when I realized that one of the main stars was Alison Brie, as I had already fallen in love with her in Sleeping with Other People, How to Be Single and Community so yeah, I was officially give this a real chance. If anyone ever says that the acting choices don't matter is plain stupid, clearly they do and they influence just how well a character is portrayed and therefore if you are sucked in a little vs. a hell of a lot.

Set in LA during the 1980's, GLOW follows the lives of a group of women who "preform" as wrestlers hoping to score fame. With varying reasons like, actually lineage in wrestling or just wanted to be the next biggest star in television, it's magnetic how these women (alongside the supposed mentoring of Marc Maron) not only get you intrigued in their lives outside of GLOW but find yourself actually cheering them on during this wildly entertaining and character-rich series. And lets not forget that the series has solely 80's soundtrack, that alone can score anyone!


Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang make up RWBY (pronounced as Ruby) following around these four teenage girls that are being trained to fight monsters and crime in a world that is on the bring of war. This is a drama and action based animated series, one of the few that I easily fell in love with and cannot wait for the newest installments to be out.

Compared to my other listed shows, RWBY is still on air but that doesn't stop me from re-watching every episode to keep my cravings at bay until the newest seasons come out.

10. Doctor Who

Even if you've never seen Doctor who (in which case you are an alien), you always recognize the show, that speak volumes to how iconic it has been come since it first aired in 1963 to 1989 before being rebooted again in 2005 and is still filming!

The Doctor, as a time lord is constantly evolving and searching for ways to safe his kind and home planet of Gallifrey from destruction and extinction, by the help of regeneration and his human companions from Earth, no adventure is too small for their battles against intergalactic aliens and other megalomaniacs.

"You know that in 900 years in time and space I've never met anyone who wasn't important before." The 11th Doctor

What's your kryptonite?

I am always on the hunt for my next binge worthy show, do not hesitate to comment or message me with your guilty pleasures and cravings!


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