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Adult Growing Pains?

Growing pains aren't something to be ignored, they are mountains we traverse and conquer, even if unknowingly.

I say the words "growing pains" and your easy response if probably thinking of a kid growing through a growth spurt or puberty because those suck. But do growing pains only happen to kids?

I think not. I think that everyone has growing pains, regardless of age or stage in life, the definition just changes a little, it still means difficulties experienced but less so focused on the time. I think we all have them but they blend into these rest of our lives that we barely notice those pains and steps we are taking.

For example, let's take a trip into my life.

Just a few months ago, as the world was beginning to implode, I gave my notice and made a career move from working as hr, cashier/customer service and literally anything I could do in a day in retail, to working as an admin assistant in real estate. There's more than I can count about these two worlds that are different, and even now I am still learning. The limit to learning does not exist, at least not that I have found.

But this is my growth. I have moved onto a new phase in life, it is scary yet thrilling. I'm challenged and continuously growing both within this new career but as a person. It's not easy, but hell, isn't there a phrase that says nothing easy is worth having? I am surmounting new mountains, traversing new paths, and these moments, this journey - this is my growing pain. I am stumbling as I learn and grow but this does not discount all that is happening. I will soar the highest mountains, but first I might trip a little along the way. It's human, but boy is it magic.

We are moving, through exponential personal growth that has been mismarked as mere hiccups or small hurdles. Do not let this lack of recognition stop you, you will achieve great things as long as you push through. Those growing pains may come with change, but I believe we are never charged with more than we can handle. So take it and soar! Climb the mountain, swim across the river, be the you life is challenging you to be. Grow!


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